Home Sentinel

Patented 5-in-1 pest repeller for all indoor pests. Aspectek invented ultrasonic and electromagnetic pest repellers, so we know them better than anyone.


Yard Sentinel Family

Powerful outdoor ultrasonic pest repeller with motion sensor. The Yard Sentinel family of pest repellent products has a version to best suit any property owner’s needs.


Rat Killer

The only washable rat zapper trap. Easy cleanup, never touch the body. Works on batteries or AC adapter. Extension cords available.

About Us

Aspectek™ stands for “aspect and technology”. We develop our products using the most advanced technologies to perpetually bring the best products to market, which positions Aspectek as the outstanding leader in the fields of “PEST CONTROL PRODUCT,” “POWER PRODUCT”, and more. Aspectek™ evolved from the OEM, ODM, and EMS (manufacturing systems) to become the market standard. Read More

New & Updates

Home Sentinel - A top selling pest control product on Amazon.com.
New 2014 improved version of Rat Zapper is available.
New 3D printing products will be soon available to our customers worldwide!
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