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Comforday Handheld Steam Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Portable Vapor Cleaner with 9 Accessories to Remove Stains, Carpets, Curtains, Car Seats, Kitchen, Floor

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  • ★ 100% free of chemicals: Deep cleaning and removal of grease, stains in the interior and exterior areas such as: kitchen, bathroom, storage room, terrace, garage, car, window, floor, mattress, curtains, carpets and many more .
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  • ★ 100% free of chemicals: Deep cleaning and removal of grease, stains in the interior and exterior areas such as: kitchen, bathroom, storage room, terrace, garage, car, window, floor, mattress, curtains, carpets and many more .
  • ★ Steam Force: Radiates hot steam under powerful pressure continuously for up to 15 minutes; cleans a wide variety of surfaces, including carpet, countertops, floors, substances, vehicles, and more.
  • ★ Easy & safe: Easily remove the desired nozzle or unit adapter and have our vaporizers scale upright or easy to tilt and dampfen you the areas you want to clean or disinfect; for greater mobility it offers a 3 meter power cable.
  • ★ Capacity & use: The capacity is 240 ml of water, which is equivalent to a full steam use time of about 15 minutes, after only 3 minutes heating time.
  • ★ Accessory set included: Our built-in steam cleaner set is a free accessory set of: extension hose, long nozzle, door / window nozzle, nozzle plate door / window, nozzle, round brush, funnel, measuring cup and Shell Towel - Free Accessory Set is temporary, access quickly before action ends.

    Product Description:

  • ALL-IN-ONE steam cleaner Our Comforday multi-function steam cleaner with safety lock is equipped with a power of 1050 W, ideal for cleaning all surfaces. Easily cut grease, mortar or stain with our high pressure steam. Hard Surfaces Steam Cleaner is best suited for sealed surfaces such as ceramic, laminate, granite, marble and sealed hardwood such as sinks, stoves, countertops, and many others. Soft surfaces for cleaning beds, mattresses, sheets, duvet covers, fabrics and materials for sofas. It also removes wrinkled shirts, pants, clothing, clothing, and fabrics. Safety Instructions The following safety instructions are provided to our valued customers before using Steam Cleaner. Read the product manual carefully before use. There are several precautions that should be emphasized as follows to avoid injury or burns: If you find that the power cord is damaged, contact the supplier. Do not replace it yourself. The safety cap must be properly tightened. The body of this unit should not be tilted more than 45 degrees. Stirring it further will cause boiling water to come out along with the steam and cause burns. Although the total tank capacity is 350ml, just insert a maximum of 250ml of water into the tank (175ml) to leave an empty space for the boiling water to generate high pressure steam. The nozzle interface to the product is round in shape and cannot be cross-used. It is only dedicated to this ASIN product.

  • Product UPC : 688098127405

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    Product Description

    Benefits of Cleaning With High Pressure Comforday Handheld Steam Cleaner

    One-step Cleaning: Steam cleaner cleans in one simple step. No bucket and no chemical cleaners needed!

    Chemical Free: Steam cleaner cleans without chemicals for a gentle clean. This also means that no harmful fumes or chemical residues will end up on (or in!) your family.

    Economical: Save money on expensive cleaning solutions and disposable wipes.

    Multiple Uses: Don't just use steam to mop, use it to make other household chores healthier, less expensive and, often times, easier.


    Start to use, press the child Lock button and switch button together

    Each time the product is used (a pot of water) 8-10 minutes, after once using, the product cannot immediately open the safety valve( the lid) at the end of use.

    When device be needed to refill water.

    Unplug power firstly,

    Press and hold the steam trigger to release all pressure and steam completely.

    Let the device to cool it down for around 5 minutes and then rotate the cap counterclockwise 90 degree to remove.

    Press the child lock button and the shift button at the same time. When the switch button is released, the child safety lock is automatically locked.

    Forcing to open may burn your hands, and will cause the safety cap be damaged then can not open the cap again afterwards. So this is a safety setting.

    Because the temperature in the pot is too high after the steam cleaner is heated, there is a pressure difference with the outside environment and inside environment of the steam cleaner, so the safety cover cannot be opened immediately. It can only be opened when the pressure becomes lower when the steam cleaner is cooled down, and then used again after filling water.

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